Saturday, November 19, 2011


Well....... since everyone else is doing it.......

I have been working on a food/daily life blog as per the nudging of several friends.

A place to post the recipies that I use, or invent, and a place to write as myself, on a slightly less professional level, about the things that I enjoy.

I haven't gotten around to actually publishing it -- partly because I can't even keep up with this blog, and partly because I was writing it over on Tumblr, and, turns out: Tumblr is lousey.

Since I live 20 feet away from my best friend, and partner in Crazy- and SHE decided to post HER food/daily life blog- I am going to copy her :-D

So tune in for a glimpse into our life as Mothers, Wives, Teachers, Creators, Concoctors (is that a word?), and Dwellers in a foreign land.

Fair warning: We aren't normal.

Mem's blog is over at
Mine is here:

Have fun!

><> Shae

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well we just got back from our biannual visit to Oregon. It had been 6 months since the kids had seen any grandparents, so you can imagine how excited they were to go! We are lucky to live so close to the States, and to be able to visit twice a year.

Oregon was cold. Very cold.

Strange to be acclimated to Mexico and go to Oregon in all of it's Autumn glory. Lows in the 30's, highs in the 40's. Slightly different than highs in the 80's or 90's, and lows around 60.

And rain. We actually missed the first rain at home. It hadn't rained in 5 months, and it rained good while we were gone. But we experienced our share in Roseburg, so no worries ;-)

Nonetheless, we had a good visit, got to spend time with many of you, and are now back home and expecting guests tomorrow.

We had a group come in October to do some work projects. We had a leaking roof on the Frosland's side of the Triplex which got re-roofed. We had a mess of a garden that needed some serious TLC, and thanks to Polly and Charlie that is mostly done too. We are almost ready to plant winter veggies! yay! :)

The group was here for a week, and they left the same day that we did for Oregon.

While we were gone, Luis left for Cuba with Travis and Noe. Ryan took Nate to LA today to fly to Uganda.

And just like that- we went from 16 to 7.

And tomorrow we will be back to 13.

{Ryan's Uncle and Aunt and cousins will be here for the weekend from San Diego, and we are being blessed with a week-long visit from Mike and Marlena from Oregon!}

That is my little wrap-up for now-- I will be writing a slightly more personal post soon.

Here is a photo of the "Fruit of Our Labor" ;-)

Glory to God! We are Blessed!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer Work Project

Starting in June, we set up a work program with Lance and Maricela and the kids from Valle de Guadalupe. The kids were no longer in school, and so they had lots of free time {which can be a bad thing } and they are always game to get out of the Valley for a day. It is generally 10 degrees cooler here at the ranch than it is in Guadalupe.
The goal was to teach the kids that giving is a heart thing- and just because you give, doesn't me you will always receive. They were also learning work ethic, responsability, and everyday trade lessons like gardening, planting, cement work and landscaping.
The girls came each Wednesday, and the boys each Friday. They came in groups of 4-6 so that they got more one on one time with us. Lance and Maricela would pick them all up in the morning, then be to the Ranch around 9:00 am. They would have breakfast or a snack and some Ovaltine and then do a short devotion. Then we would work until lunch, share a meal, then work or play for a couple more hours.
We had a great summer, we learned a lot of Spanish. We built relationships with the kids, and also got in lots of time with Lance and Maricela. I was really blessed to be a part of the project, and when it ended at the end of August, I was sad that I wouldn't be seeing everyone so often anymore. We had a big finale party for the kids one Saturday to celebrate the hard work that they had done. We had a hot dog lunch, swam in the pool, and played feild games. They had a blast, and so did we!
I have lots of photos from the summer, and I promise I will share them as soon as I can get a chance to upload them.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bringing you up to speed....

OK-- here I am, trying to update the ol' blog again, and I see that I am months behind as usual.

It really is hard for me to sit down inside for very long, and now that we have started school, I have, like, negative amounts of "freetime" { Is there even such a thing for Moms??}.

So let me wrap up the summer:

In August we had three Interns: Kayla, Isaiah, and Josh.

The boys are 17, and Kayla is 18.

These kids worked their butts off this summer, and I can't thank them enough for making our summer amazing and fresh and fun and productive and anything but boring! The guys worked on our drain ditch/canal, and did landscaping and basic up-keep. Kayla and i canned a butt-load of stuff, picked, weeded, watered, and tended the garden, and cooked and cleaned. We all got in lots of kid time with Lance and Maricela's kids, and we went to the beach whenever we got a chance. The boys filmed a movie, and I can't wait until you all get to see it-- Isaiah is a Pro!

Let me just give you a bit of my heart on each of these kids.

Isaiah. Oh Isaiah.

You must be one of the most energetic humans on Earth. You can put away more food than a football team. You can cover more ground, and shovel more gravel than anything that weighs a mere 120 lbs should ever be able to. You should actually be legally considered a Gecko, because humans can't climb virtical structures like you can. You have a smile {and a laugh!!!} that makes everyone around you happy. You are polite, respectful, kind, considerate, and loving. You LOVE the Father- and it shows. You must have some pretty awesome parents ;-).

I'll have a dorm and a banana here for you anytime brother.


You are a fountain of information {or maybe more like a sponge!}. I don't know how you can keep so many movie lines, song lyrics, and details of life events in your memory like you do- but I wish I had that gift! You don't like beans, or potatoes, and that is just abnormal. But normal is boring, and that is why I think you and Isaiah are two of the most non-boring people the world has to offer. You clicked with Isaiah like you two had been best friends forever {eventhough you had never even met}. You are one heck of a hard working kid, and i don't think I heard you complain about it ever. You were a blessing to have around, and we are so glad we got to meet you. Come see us again soon-- I'll put the beans on ;-P

Kayla Mae. {Oh great.... I'm already teary and I only typed your name....}

My other sister. My friend. My sidekick.

I love you like you will only know when you are older. God put you in my life two years ago, and I can't even begin to list the ways that you have blessed me. I love your smiley face. I love your crazy hair. I love your willing heart. I never could have had the summer I had, or accomplished all that I did without you. I think I would have killed myself trying, so thank you for helping me :). You are dear to my heart, and dear to my kids. If your parents would let me, I would steal you. If you come back to me, I will even let you wear my clothes. The coffee is always on kid. I'm just waiting.

I hope you all get a bit of my heart for this "Job" that God has bestowed upon me.

There is NO other place that I would rather be.

And that was August.

Photos soon @ Mi Picasa

Monday, July 25, 2011

Birthday Week!!

Look Who turned FIVE!!!

Asa says he woke up taller :-(
Anca came for the party :) ...

We had some kids over from Guadalupe. They played games, launched water balloons, ate hot dogs, and cupcakes. There were two kids from the Valley who shared birthdays with Asa-- so we celebrate dthem too :)
Jesus turned twelve!And Magali turned Eleven!
This Mexican Birthday Party thing was much different than we are used to. Our family alone is like 45 people... so we are used to big parties. But the kids were really missing their cousins and there friends. They are used to their birthdays being like a family reunion.

God is still teaching us :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Garden Update

The garden is overflowing!!

It cracks me up that I can read the posts from a few months back and see how frustrated I was with it!!

God is good!

He saw my complaining- and blessed me anyhow :)

More Pictures Here:

><> Shae

A year of Change.

One year ago today, we hugged our family and friends, and drove away from Roseburg.

Our land cruiser loaded down with what was left of our belongings headed South.

I remember being excited. I love Mexico. I have wanted to live here for more than a decade.

There are so many things that I could write about..... my brain is overflowing with events of the past year. We have welcomed groups of servants, guest teachers, and students. we have hosted conferences for people from all over the Globe. We have painted, and cleaned, and landscaped, and repaired, and picked and pruned.

The one things we have not done- is struggle.

We spent the 3 years leading up to Mexico struggling.

God taught us so many lessons in that time. He was preparing us for this.

He was faithful to give us the desire of our heart that matched us perfectly.

Now- I'm not saying that packing up everything we have ever known and moving across a National border was easy. At all.

The kids cried. A lot. They still do.

They miss their family. They miss their friends. They miss the simplicity of living normalcy.

I miss my family. I miss my girls. I miss my Coffee Shop. I miss my church.

Oh, how I miss my church!!

But if we are weighing all of these things on a scale- they do not even compare to the blessings that we have enjoyed here.

We have been happy, and we have had more fun than we know what to do with.

We have new friends. We have lifelong new family members. We have seen lives changed.

We have met people who have changed ours.

We have seen the Gospel go out from this place and spread all over the world.

All of these things said~~ I am more anxious than I can even tell you to see this year to come!

Thank You for supporting us!! All of our family and friends back in OR {and other places too!!}-- your prayers have been felt. We are here because you sent us. You obeyed God, and supported us. You are just as big of a part of this as we are.

Blessings to you all- and stay tuned for a Garden Update :)

><> Shae

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I could hardly believe it when I read that my last update was TWO months ago!!
I feel like I have a million things I could be doing every day- and all of them are done outside.... so it is hard for me to make myself sit down- inside- at the computer to update the ol' Blog. Sorry guys :-/
I have had several of you mention that you love reading my updates.... so I suppose I should keep you more "updated" .

Well, since my last post we have had a lot going on. I will try to keep it brief, and get you up to speed.

We took a week-long visit to Oregon {I got to see some of you} on the week of my birthday. I spent my actual birthday in the car for 12 hours :)
But my loving husband made a stop in Medford and took me shopping, and to Olive Garden.... so I was happy.
The day after we got to Roseburg, I showed up to a dinner at my Sister's house to find a huge surprise party for me :-D
A bunch of my friends and family made it and the weather was good and I was so happy. It was the perfect way to get to see several people at once, and the perfect start to our visit.
We had a good time in Roseburg-- always seems like a long visit while we are there, but way too short once we're home.....
When we got home, the garden was growing fast, and the heat was here.
We caravanned back with Mason and Layla and the girls (Ryan's sister and her fam).
They stayed for a week while Mason taught the students on Evangelism and we got to hang out with the girls. It was in the upper 90's most of the week, so we talked the guys into setting up the pool that my parents brought us last fall. The kids are beyond happy!
I can't quite tell you what it means to us when family and friends come to see us here. It is different than us visiting OR. It gives them a better idea of where we are and what we are doing. It is hard to envision us here if you haven't been here. I know I have said it before, but I will reiterate it again-- we want you ALL to come stay with us for a while! Be a part of our life for a week. Meet our friends here. See our home here. Take part in ministry here.
I mean-- come on! I can't be "Hospitable" if there is no one to give Hospitality to .... right? ;-)

Anyhow.... after the Fam left, we were back to everyday life as usual for a bit.
We had a couple of Birthday Bashes {Tres Cruces Style} with lots of food, lots of friends, and loud music. It's all day-to-day around here until Mem turns 31 ;-)
We joke that we use any opportunity to throw a party-- but it really is good for all of us {including our fellow Missionaries in the valley} to get together and fellowship.
Pastor Phil was here from Oregon two weeks ago. He taught on the signs of the times. We always love us some Phil time :) He is a blast. I think he likes the "Grandpa" time with our Littles, and they like to have him here to climb on :)
We had one day between Phil leaving, and a Dental group from Oregon coming. Dr. Brodie and his wife have been friends of Phil and Susie for decades. They come to Mexico every year and set up a free clinic for locals. They were working right here in San Antonio this year. The group included 3 dentists, several Hygienists, and assistants, and two bus drivers. 16 in total. I didn't know what to expect- having never met any of them-- but let me tell you.... they were AWESOME! They were so friendly, and flexible, and even after a long day of hard work- they stayed up and played games and visited with us. They like to move their destination around every year, to get a variety of people the help they need.... but I informed them that they have to come stay HERE every year from now on.
They were only here for 3 days, then we started the planning for Sarah's BIG 21!!
Last Wednesday our one-and-only Sarah Meyer turned the big two-one!! So we did what anyone who turns 21 does.... we had a "Bar Party" :-D
You know: an Ice Cream Sundae Bar, a Build-Your-Own Cheeseburger Bar, complete with home made French fries, goup (the real deal- since Mem used to work at Pete's :), home made Chili, Twice-Baked Potatoes, and pretty much everything you can think of to put on a burger or ice cream :)
Since these kids (I know, they are adults, but still.....) are living out here in half-confinement from the "World", we do Birthdays BIG. I hope you had as much fun as we did Sarah ;-)
Oh boy-- I missed an overlap.... somewhere in between the Dental Group and the Birthday Party, we received new guests! Ron and Ronda Rust are here from Camas Valley, OR to teach on Biblical Counseling. These guys are great! They are so laid-back. They roll with whatever we are doing, and they have been to Mexico a half-a-million times, so they know the ropes. I haven't told them yet, but I am going to force them to adopt us all as family and promise to come back at least once a year.
It amazes me how God always sends us people who we connect to instantly. We have had guests from all over the world.... from 2 years old to 90.... and we love every one of them. No kidding. Every. One. What an Awesome God we serve!

The students have been teaching the MBS curriculum one weekend at a time in San Quintin (about three hours South of here). They started their second Module and will finish up teaching that this coming weekend. And then......

They go home.

For good.

We have lived communally for 9 months with these guys. They are like family.
I can't even write about it anymore. I just have to let it happen, and get through it. It's just like leaving home-- only we are the ones being left. It's like saying your good byes.... after a while, it just hurts too much. So I am ignoring the calendar that keeps telling me that Tuesday is just around the corner.
Sarah- I love you like a sister. Not EVEN "like" a sister. You are my sister. I know your heart will drag you back here from time-to-time :)
Anca- Your tenderness and compassion is inspiring. God gave you the gift of two things that I have never had. You make people feel safe, and you are caring and welcoming. We are going to miss you huge laugh and your perfect smile. My kids are going to miss you somethin' awful, and I know a couple other Littles that will too.
I can't wait to meet your future husband, and your kids, and see you living for God in all the ways you have always wanted to.
David- Your mom called :-) .... she told me to tell you that you are the best babysitter I have ever known. You are seriously the funniest person I've met thus far... and your heart is bigger than anyone could even guess. I'm sorry that I had to beat you at Blokus, and poker, and any other game that you challenge me to ;)
thank you for being the life of the party. Thank you for being a boy with Asa. And thank you for being a friend to Ryan. And thank you for being my little brother. You are only 7 hours away- and I will expect you to make regular visits! {and drag your brother along too}.

I really am excited for the summer. To see what God has in store for us. Who He will send here. And I am excited for the fall. A new group of students, and a new year.

If I can get through Tuesday, I think I'm good for another year ;-)

New photos up on Picassa-
also~ the garden IS GROWING!! Just in time for everyone to leave ;-/ .... so if anyone feels the Lord telling them to come help me with my canning in about 3-6 weeks... I'll have the beds made :-D

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Here is the link to the photos of the garden... and some photos of the rest of our produce as well.

><> Shae

Saturday, April 2, 2011

El Jardin!!

The garden... the BIG garden, that is-- is tilled, hoed, raked, mounded, irrigated and planted!!! Mostly :) We have: Tomatoes (5 varieties), JalapeƱos, Arbol, Bells, Guajillo, Serrano, Poblano, Spinach, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Beets, Radish, Carrots, Tomatillos, Garlic, Onions, Peas, Cilantro, Parsley, Brussel Sprouts, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Zucchini, Acorn Squash, Gourds, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Strawberries, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and Corn!!! Whew!!

This all is in addition to our fruit trees: Orange, Lemon, Lime, Mexican Lime, Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Peach, Kumquat, Plum, Quince, Pear, Apple, Cherry, (Some sort of berry), and Guava. We also have a banana plant-- but it is not exactly, um, ... thriving ;-/ I am also trying to grow Mango and Papaya- but we shall see how that goes :)

We have Cactus, which give TONS of fruit as well as their edible Nopali, and Wild Sage- which is medicinal.

Now- if you guys know Memorie or I very well- you know that this is a sort of paradise to us :) We are having a blast with all of this fresh produce! Once the garden begins to give, and we have an abundance, we will not only be saving a ton on groceries, but we will be able to help out our friends too. What a blessing!

It has been a lot of work the past three weeks. My sister and my mom were here to help for a week, and now Mem is back- so she gets to help too :) We have had some issues with Rabbits, Gophers, and insects. We are also dealing with the fact that Mem and I are used to gardening in the Pacific NW.... not the Desert SW. So if any of you happen to be Desert SW gardening Whizzes......

Now is the waiting game..... ugh.... some stuff is already started, some have leaves, some have sprouts, and I have already been able to harvest Spinach, Lettuce, and Cilantro. But now we have to wait anywhere from 30 to 180 days before we can eat fruit :) .... that seems like such a long time. That just means that I will have plenty of time to post pictures, right :-D

><> Shae

Thursday, March 10, 2011

~ Blessings ~

The students are gone. The neighbors are gone. The Hubby is gone.
What a big silence out there!!

I have been working on the gardening this week! I am so stoked for the big garden to be planted in a few weeks!
Mem and I planted a mini-version of a garden just outside the Cocina window about a month ago. We have Basil, Cilantro, Beets, Carrots, Tomatoes, Tomatillos, Onions, Garlic, Oregano, Peas, Spinach, Cucumbers, Lettuce, and Calendula. It has been so exciting to see it all grow! It is amazing how fast stuff grows here!!

We planted some flowers, and some chilis too, and the flowers are taking off like crazy! The chilis took a hit from being thrown off the wall by the kids, and then took another hit (after being reinstated;) but a little rain storm we had. They are hanging in there- but I planted a new batch today.... so we will see how they do!
It is almost time to take the starts of the tomatoes and carrots and beets out of the small garden and move them out into the big garden.
So I guess I should get said big garden ready! :-/
I need to get it tilled under again- with the compost this time, and get a fence up around it. We have a HUGE gopher and rabbit infestation-- which Samson is doing his best to get control of ;).
I planted the Banana plant in the ground, as well as the Palm (which was our Christmas tree)- and they are both taking off too!
I will wait a week or so and take more photos, but I had to take these of the marigolds, zinnia, alyssum, morning glory and moonflowers that the kids planted-- last week!!
They are already a couple of inches high!! (see photos above^).

We had a day of rain, then we have had a solid week of beautiful, hot sunshine-- so they are loving it!
Ok-- so that is what is up with the garden..... can you tell that I am excited?? ;-)
What else---
The Base was blessed with the donation of a 15 passenger van from some peeps in Phoenix!! So Ryan took the van up to Oregon to get all of the registration and whatnot taken care of. It is getting a check-up, and a good cleaning too. ALSO-- RCF has the opportunity to up-grade their van situation too, so they are passing down one of the white vans to us!! So now we have TWO means of transportation for large groups! The Lord is good!
We had been trying to run everyone around in our personal vehicles :)
How many people can you fit in a 5-seater, '84 Landcruiser????
Answer-- at least eleven.....
So Ryan is driving the van from RCF back down (as we speak- so to say ;).
He left at 6:30 on monday morning-- after having taken all of Saturday to drive to Phoenix and back to get the other van! Isn't there some sort of point system for frequent drivers?? I think he will have logged in around 2,700 miles in 6 days. Whew!

In other news:
I am not the least bit excited.... obviously.
My mom is coming too-- in fact, she is bringing Niki with her-- but, she understands..... Niki hasn't been to see me yet- and Mom got to come down for two weeks in December.
This will be a fun visit though-- I don't have to work this time :-D
All we have to do is : Paint walls, dig and plant gardens, and eat tacos.
So...... please think of me the 17th through the 28th, because it shall be rough ;)

Oh, one other thing.
I have been told that a list of needs for the Base went out to RCF last week, and the van which Ryan is bringing home is packed to the hilt with blessings!!! You guys are so awesome!! I am always amazed at how much you all love this place! We were blessed to see everything that was sent back in July. It was such a help to get the school started!! And you have done it yet again.
I will post pics when I get the shipment ;)
AND- on top of this van being chalk full-- the van which Nate is bringing back at the end of the month will be full of everything that was brought in on Wednesday night, after the first van was already packed.
Did I mention that you guys are awesome??

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have written at least 4 posts to put up here, but none of them seem like what I am supposed to say.
I feel like there is no a whole lot to update you on, but then I look back at what we have been doing- and I always have a list of things I could share.
We have made new friends, we have served in our community, we have had guests, we have had fun, and we have had all sorts of weather.
But all I can think about, and what weighs heavy on my heart, is that the students are going home again.
I love these kids like I love my own siblings. I wish they would just ask if they can live here :)
And knowing that this is the last time that they will leave, and return is a hard thing for me to bear. The next time they go home- they will stay there. Or they will move on to the ministries which God has for them-- the ministries that are the reason that they are here in the first place.
I hope they all come back from time to time. I hope they all write home once in a while.

A dear friend of mine brought to light a very important aspect of our lives here when we were talking in December. I was explaining to her that it is hard for my kids to adjust to our ever-changing- sorry- excuse- for- a "schedule". She said that that made since. "You guys are living a rollercoaster life, with people in and out of it...... and the kids are on the ride too."
My kids are on an emotional rollercoaster.
People come, and life changes, and people go, and it changes again. They get used to life being one way, then it changes. They get used to one set of people, then they leave. Not to mention that this is our first year being away from everything they have ever known.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ride!!! I LOVE that every day is new, and we never know what we will be doing next week, and we meet new people all the time.
But there was no sign at the gate that said "you must be this tall to ride".
It is our job then, as parents, to first ask God to build a foundation for us (I Cor. 3:10-15)... then to build upon it with things that can withstand fire.
We need to give our kids a safe place. They need to feel loved and protected. They need to have rules, and know that they can't be broken. This helps them to have a sense of normalcy. It is a structure. And they need to know that we are all in this together- that God has us all here for a purpose. They are important in it too. They are "missionaries" too.

These are my thoughts this week.
Pray for us often.
Come and see us.
Every familiar face is like care package from home.

><> Shae

Sunday, January 23, 2011


We decided to get outta Mexico for the day.
It was a long, busy month- and we needed a change of scenery .
So we packed up the car and headed to San Diego.

San Diego is a magnificent city.
It is beautiful, and clean, and warm.
It is also very rich.

I was born in a small town.
Taught to fear Jesus in a small town. ;-)
Took for granted the simplicity of being raised in a small town.

As we wandered around various shopping centers and malls throughout San Diego, Mission Valley, and La Jolla, I saw more money being wasted than ever before in my life.

Twelve dollars to watch a movie.
Two hours worth of entertainment, for four times as much as a ranch hand in Mexico makes for an hour of hard work in the hot sun.
That really makes me stop and think about my three dollar coffee.

It costs (on average) twelve American Dollars to print a Bible in any language.

One movie- or the Word of God.
Two hours of entertainment.
Or someone being given the Truth, in their own language, most likely for the first time.

Do you know that the average American household has four Bibles.
Most Christians have even more.
Did you know that it is illegal to have a Bible in over 52 countries?

Makes me think that KP was on the right track…..
I think Americans alone could financially support the worldwide spreading of the Gospel.
If we all gave away everything that we didn’t need, to someone who really needed it, maybe everyone could have what they really need.
If we really really thought about how much money we need, and gave the rest to someone who didn't have enough.....

Isn’t that how God set it up in the first place??
“So Moses took the redemption money from those who were over and above those who were redeemed by the Levites. From the firstborn of the children of Israel he took the money, one thousand three hundred and sixty-five shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary. And Moses gave their redemption money to Aaron and his sons, according to the word of the LORD, as the LORD commanded Moses.“ Nmbr 3:49-51

Do you guys have excess???

I know we do.....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Overdue update part 2

Alright. So I have you updated till New Years.

We had one day to catch up on sleep, and then swing into gear getting the base cleaned up.
Half of the students were here, and the other half would arrive on Monday afternoon.
Once the whole crew was together again (minus one very important Austin :( ) we began preparing for our Missions Conference. We didn’t know exactly how many people would be coming, but last time there were 32, on top of our 15, so we knew to be ready for a big group .

On Friday, we welcomed our new neighbors on to the ranch. Patricia and Carlos have purchased property across the street from us, and are in the process of getting it ready to live on. In the mean time, they will be living in their RV, here on the base. They are an amazing Christian couple from Central/Southern Mexico.
They both helped me to cook during the conference, and I can’t even tell you how big of a help she was!!
She has also promised to teach us Spanish. Yay!!
OK…. Back to the conference. As you all know from last time, in October, these conferences are a big deal. We get guests from all over the world, and have a busy schedule, and are very very blessed.
The group of guests from Roseburg arrived on Monday. On board were Don, Steve, Rachael, and Austin. Yes, Austin…. Our missing piece. Austin was our student last semester, and is not returning this semester in order to pursue ministry opportunities in Roseburg. We all miss him like crazy, and hope that God will have him back here very soon.
Also-- they pulled down the tractor that we had donated to us back in the beginning of summer. Ryan was like a kid on Christmas morning. I have a feeling some dirt is going to be moved around very soon.
Tuesday we welcomed the rest of our guests, and fun began! :-D
Base occupancy up to 46.
Moses and Seragem Paulose, from India, came as our special guests. Moses is an amazing man of God. He is CONSTANTLY sharing the Gospel. Wherever he is. Even the taco stand.
What an example he sets!
His wife, Seragem, is a humble, prayer warrior. She is always lifting up her husband, and children. Her testimony is amazing, and her laugh is contagious. I love her dearly. She will forever be in my prayers.
The Pauloses have a ministry there in India, where- along with discipling natives, they feed and minister to over 120 people everyday, right there in their home. They care for 58 children from the streets. They have 6 biological children who are ALL missionaries/ministers. They also have an adopted daughter. She is 10 years old. They rescued her from the all too common fate of a female baby in their area. She would have likely been bruitally murdered.
This family has sacrificed everything for the call that God has placed on them. They packed up and moved from the home they knew, to a foreign state. They didn’t have money. They didn’t know the language. They had no idea what to expect. But they packed up and moved anyhow. Two young children (a 3 year old, and a 1.5 year old) and 8 months pregnant. On foot.
Moses heard the call, and his wife believed in him, and followed. Amazing witness these two are. Check out their ministry: Body of Christ Ministries.
Another big blessing for me during this conference was that there were several women who came. I really enjoyed meeting them, and visiting with them, and just seeing other women who are fired up about discipleship and evangelism.
I’m telling you guys…. You need to make time to come to the next conference. We don’t even know who will be sharing- but it is always worth it. It will likely be in April sometime. I will keep you updated.

Thanks for being patient with me :)
Now you are updated.
Lots of pictures to thumb through here:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The overdue update :-D, part 1

I have about a month worth of excitement to fill you all in on….. So I think this is going to be in the form of several posts. I have been majorly slacking in the Blogging department. I know. But, come on! I have had a total of 167 guests, 6 students, and 2 new neighbors, in just one month. Plus all of the little things in between. Lots of food, lots of rain, followed closely by even more sunshine, and lots of God! So here we go: :-D

The rain started on December 18th sometime in the night, around 2:00 am. It never stopped-- not even for an hour-- for three days. And if you have seen rain in Mexico, you know what I am talking about. Our driveway turned into a river. Our buildings all leaked. ALL of them. The wind blew, and the water came down in sheets. …. Speaking of sheets….. We were preparing for our team from Roseburg, who were to arrive on the 20th. Ryan was trying to mop up puddles, and repair leaks, and I was trying to get 12 beds ready. I walk into the “Wash house”, where all of the sheets are stored, and… well…. It was raining. Inside. All over the rack where the sheets are stored. Ha Ha Ha!!! Oh boy! …. so I used the ONE dryer that we have on base to dry 12 sets of sheets, and threw the beds together. I think I got done just in time to start dinner for the group.
The weather calmed down, the group arrived, and all was going well, until we saw that the weather report called for a one or two day break-- then MORE rain! We were expecting the kids from Guadalupe to come over to receive bikes for Christmas, and have a bike clinic and relay races.
Well- it rained. Again….. So the first day we had the kids over, we played with them inside the chapel. They played games, and sang songs, and had a lot of fun. See…. God works all things out-- so why worry? :)
The weather cleared up, and we had sunshine the rest of the year… in fact-- it hasn’t rained since.
On the 23rd of December, we had a friend (sister Marina) come over, with her 2 lovely daughters, to prepare Tamales and a traditional Christmas Dinner, Mexican Style, for us. We invited the kids who Lance and Maricela work with, and their parents. The food was amazing! And it was fun! And we made new friends.
What a blast!
On the 25th, I cooked a traditional American Christmas Dinner, and we had Lance and Maricela and Luis’ brother Alex over. It was delicious, and fun to see the Mexicans trying new things.
The group gave out 7 *new* bikes, and tuned up several others, including one for the mother of one of the kids. I have pictures. They weren’t the least bit excited ;-) Even Maricela joined in on the races.
On a side note- we enjoyed sharing our Christmas morning with my mom. The kids got to open gifts that were sent down with the group by various family members. Our family is always there to make sure the kids feel at home when holidays come.
We also got to skype with my Dad and Step-Mom on Christmas morning. Thank the Lord for technology.
That was the first week of our group from Roseburg.

The second Week:
We went to the Casa Hogar (a type of Mexican Foster Care Home, for abandoned children.) on the Monday of the next week. It was a very warm, beautiful day in the eastern valley! We brought hot dogs, and chips and hand squeezed lemonade (courtesy of Albert :-). Marlena and Lilly joined in on the trampoline, and Nick and Kathy and Courtney played Volley Ball. It was a blast.
We had a work party at Lance and Maricela’s house on Tuesday and Wednesday (I think? :-), and did some yard work, cleaned out the new school room, and painted it. Maricela made fish & shrimp soup for lunch..mmm mmm good!!
Thursday was my beautiful friend Rachael’s 18th birthday. I love you Ratch. You are an amazingly beautiful, sweet, innovative, creative, artistic, woman with a huge future. You are going to bless the socks off of a LOT of people in your life. You are going to be a wonderful wife and mother someday. God is going to use you mightily!
Our next team (including the students, and Ma and Pa Noobs) came that night- and my lovely Kayla was with them J, as well as the Froslands- thus bringing the ranch total up to 25.
We had dinner and cake for Rachael, and then she and some of the teens went to a youth camp overnight at the Alverez’ ranch.
Friday was New Years Eve, and we stayed at base. Everyone came over to our house, had snacks and pumpkin bread and watched the prophesy update online.
Both teams left Saturday , one early Saturday morning, and the other Saturday afternoon.
This was the end of week two, and the end of our first string of guests :-D
….to be continued……