Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer Work Project

Starting in June, we set up a work program with Lance and Maricela and the kids from Valle de Guadalupe. The kids were no longer in school, and so they had lots of free time {which can be a bad thing } and they are always game to get out of the Valley for a day. It is generally 10 degrees cooler here at the ranch than it is in Guadalupe.
The goal was to teach the kids that giving is a heart thing- and just because you give, doesn't me you will always receive. They were also learning work ethic, responsability, and everyday trade lessons like gardening, planting, cement work and landscaping.
The girls came each Wednesday, and the boys each Friday. They came in groups of 4-6 so that they got more one on one time with us. Lance and Maricela would pick them all up in the morning, then be to the Ranch around 9:00 am. They would have breakfast or a snack and some Ovaltine and then do a short devotion. Then we would work until lunch, share a meal, then work or play for a couple more hours.
We had a great summer, we learned a lot of Spanish. We built relationships with the kids, and also got in lots of time with Lance and Maricela. I was really blessed to be a part of the project, and when it ended at the end of August, I was sad that I wouldn't be seeing everyone so often anymore. We had a big finale party for the kids one Saturday to celebrate the hard work that they had done. We had a hot dog lunch, swam in the pool, and played feild games. They had a blast, and so did we!
I have lots of photos from the summer, and I promise I will share them as soon as I can get a chance to upload them.

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  1. Sounds like you have been quite busy! Can't wait for pics. ;) Love ya!