Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bringing you up to speed....

OK-- here I am, trying to update the ol' blog again, and I see that I am months behind as usual.

It really is hard for me to sit down inside for very long, and now that we have started school, I have, like, negative amounts of "freetime" { Is there even such a thing for Moms??}.

So let me wrap up the summer:

In August we had three Interns: Kayla, Isaiah, and Josh.

The boys are 17, and Kayla is 18.

These kids worked their butts off this summer, and I can't thank them enough for making our summer amazing and fresh and fun and productive and anything but boring! The guys worked on our drain ditch/canal, and did landscaping and basic up-keep. Kayla and i canned a butt-load of stuff, picked, weeded, watered, and tended the garden, and cooked and cleaned. We all got in lots of kid time with Lance and Maricela's kids, and we went to the beach whenever we got a chance. The boys filmed a movie, and I can't wait until you all get to see it-- Isaiah is a Pro!

Let me just give you a bit of my heart on each of these kids.

Isaiah. Oh Isaiah.

You must be one of the most energetic humans on Earth. You can put away more food than a football team. You can cover more ground, and shovel more gravel than anything that weighs a mere 120 lbs should ever be able to. You should actually be legally considered a Gecko, because humans can't climb virtical structures like you can. You have a smile {and a laugh!!!} that makes everyone around you happy. You are polite, respectful, kind, considerate, and loving. You LOVE the Father- and it shows. You must have some pretty awesome parents ;-).

I'll have a dorm and a banana here for you anytime brother.


You are a fountain of information {or maybe more like a sponge!}. I don't know how you can keep so many movie lines, song lyrics, and details of life events in your memory like you do- but I wish I had that gift! You don't like beans, or potatoes, and that is just abnormal. But normal is boring, and that is why I think you and Isaiah are two of the most non-boring people the world has to offer. You clicked with Isaiah like you two had been best friends forever {eventhough you had never even met}. You are one heck of a hard working kid, and i don't think I heard you complain about it ever. You were a blessing to have around, and we are so glad we got to meet you. Come see us again soon-- I'll put the beans on ;-P

Kayla Mae. {Oh great.... I'm already teary and I only typed your name....}

My other sister. My friend. My sidekick.

I love you like you will only know when you are older. God put you in my life two years ago, and I can't even begin to list the ways that you have blessed me. I love your smiley face. I love your crazy hair. I love your willing heart. I never could have had the summer I had, or accomplished all that I did without you. I think I would have killed myself trying, so thank you for helping me :). You are dear to my heart, and dear to my kids. If your parents would let me, I would steal you. If you come back to me, I will even let you wear my clothes. The coffee is always on kid. I'm just waiting.

I hope you all get a bit of my heart for this "Job" that God has bestowed upon me.

There is NO other place that I would rather be.

And that was August.

Photos soon @ Mi Picasa

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