Thursday, March 10, 2011

~ Blessings ~

The students are gone. The neighbors are gone. The Hubby is gone.
What a big silence out there!!

I have been working on the gardening this week! I am so stoked for the big garden to be planted in a few weeks!
Mem and I planted a mini-version of a garden just outside the Cocina window about a month ago. We have Basil, Cilantro, Beets, Carrots, Tomatoes, Tomatillos, Onions, Garlic, Oregano, Peas, Spinach, Cucumbers, Lettuce, and Calendula. It has been so exciting to see it all grow! It is amazing how fast stuff grows here!!

We planted some flowers, and some chilis too, and the flowers are taking off like crazy! The chilis took a hit from being thrown off the wall by the kids, and then took another hit (after being reinstated;) but a little rain storm we had. They are hanging in there- but I planted a new batch today.... so we will see how they do!
It is almost time to take the starts of the tomatoes and carrots and beets out of the small garden and move them out into the big garden.
So I guess I should get said big garden ready! :-/
I need to get it tilled under again- with the compost this time, and get a fence up around it. We have a HUGE gopher and rabbit infestation-- which Samson is doing his best to get control of ;).
I planted the Banana plant in the ground, as well as the Palm (which was our Christmas tree)- and they are both taking off too!
I will wait a week or so and take more photos, but I had to take these of the marigolds, zinnia, alyssum, morning glory and moonflowers that the kids planted-- last week!!
They are already a couple of inches high!! (see photos above^).

We had a day of rain, then we have had a solid week of beautiful, hot sunshine-- so they are loving it!
Ok-- so that is what is up with the garden..... can you tell that I am excited?? ;-)
What else---
The Base was blessed with the donation of a 15 passenger van from some peeps in Phoenix!! So Ryan took the van up to Oregon to get all of the registration and whatnot taken care of. It is getting a check-up, and a good cleaning too. ALSO-- RCF has the opportunity to up-grade their van situation too, so they are passing down one of the white vans to us!! So now we have TWO means of transportation for large groups! The Lord is good!
We had been trying to run everyone around in our personal vehicles :)
How many people can you fit in a 5-seater, '84 Landcruiser????
Answer-- at least eleven.....
So Ryan is driving the van from RCF back down (as we speak- so to say ;).
He left at 6:30 on monday morning-- after having taken all of Saturday to drive to Phoenix and back to get the other van! Isn't there some sort of point system for frequent drivers?? I think he will have logged in around 2,700 miles in 6 days. Whew!

In other news:
I am not the least bit excited.... obviously.
My mom is coming too-- in fact, she is bringing Niki with her-- but, she understands..... Niki hasn't been to see me yet- and Mom got to come down for two weeks in December.
This will be a fun visit though-- I don't have to work this time :-D
All we have to do is : Paint walls, dig and plant gardens, and eat tacos.
So...... please think of me the 17th through the 28th, because it shall be rough ;)

Oh, one other thing.
I have been told that a list of needs for the Base went out to RCF last week, and the van which Ryan is bringing home is packed to the hilt with blessings!!! You guys are so awesome!! I am always amazed at how much you all love this place! We were blessed to see everything that was sent back in July. It was such a help to get the school started!! And you have done it yet again.
I will post pics when I get the shipment ;)
AND- on top of this van being chalk full-- the van which Nate is bringing back at the end of the month will be full of everything that was brought in on Wednesday night, after the first van was already packed.
Did I mention that you guys are awesome??