Monday, July 25, 2011

Birthday Week!!

Look Who turned FIVE!!!

Asa says he woke up taller :-(
Anca came for the party :) ...

We had some kids over from Guadalupe. They played games, launched water balloons, ate hot dogs, and cupcakes. There were two kids from the Valley who shared birthdays with Asa-- so we celebrate dthem too :)
Jesus turned twelve!And Magali turned Eleven!
This Mexican Birthday Party thing was much different than we are used to. Our family alone is like 45 people... so we are used to big parties. But the kids were really missing their cousins and there friends. They are used to their birthdays being like a family reunion.

God is still teaching us :)

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  1. We missed you all at our parties too. :)Seems odd that the kidlets keep growing even when I can't see them.

    We just have to keep having parties when you all come for visits. :)

    Happy Birthday Asa enjoy being 5, and bigger, taller, smarter, faster, and so on and so on.