Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have written at least 4 posts to put up here, but none of them seem like what I am supposed to say.
I feel like there is no a whole lot to update you on, but then I look back at what we have been doing- and I always have a list of things I could share.
We have made new friends, we have served in our community, we have had guests, we have had fun, and we have had all sorts of weather.
But all I can think about, and what weighs heavy on my heart, is that the students are going home again.
I love these kids like I love my own siblings. I wish they would just ask if they can live here :)
And knowing that this is the last time that they will leave, and return is a hard thing for me to bear. The next time they go home- they will stay there. Or they will move on to the ministries which God has for them-- the ministries that are the reason that they are here in the first place.
I hope they all come back from time to time. I hope they all write home once in a while.

A dear friend of mine brought to light a very important aspect of our lives here when we were talking in December. I was explaining to her that it is hard for my kids to adjust to our ever-changing- sorry- excuse- for- a "schedule". She said that that made since. "You guys are living a rollercoaster life, with people in and out of it...... and the kids are on the ride too."
My kids are on an emotional rollercoaster.
People come, and life changes, and people go, and it changes again. They get used to life being one way, then it changes. They get used to one set of people, then they leave. Not to mention that this is our first year being away from everything they have ever known.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ride!!! I LOVE that every day is new, and we never know what we will be doing next week, and we meet new people all the time.
But there was no sign at the gate that said "you must be this tall to ride".
It is our job then, as parents, to first ask God to build a foundation for us (I Cor. 3:10-15)... then to build upon it with things that can withstand fire.
We need to give our kids a safe place. They need to feel loved and protected. They need to have rules, and know that they can't be broken. This helps them to have a sense of normalcy. It is a structure. And they need to know that we are all in this together- that God has us all here for a purpose. They are important in it too. They are "missionaries" too.

These are my thoughts this week.
Pray for us often.
Come and see us.
Every familiar face is like care package from home.

><> Shae


  1. That is Truth Shae! Very good to know just how to pray for you guys.

  2. So very, very true. I'm not on the same crazy ride you are, but we struggle with structure too - so you guys are even LESS alone in that. I'll pray for you...please throw a prayer up for me too, would you?

  3. Most assuredly Tiff!! I believe that the Military is a very similar "Mission Field". And that being what brought you so far from home- makes me, and your family (I know!) very very proud of you guys. <3