Saturday, November 19, 2011


Well....... since everyone else is doing it.......

I have been working on a food/daily life blog as per the nudging of several friends.

A place to post the recipies that I use, or invent, and a place to write as myself, on a slightly less professional level, about the things that I enjoy.

I haven't gotten around to actually publishing it -- partly because I can't even keep up with this blog, and partly because I was writing it over on Tumblr, and, turns out: Tumblr is lousey.

Since I live 20 feet away from my best friend, and partner in Crazy- and SHE decided to post HER food/daily life blog- I am going to copy her :-D

So tune in for a glimpse into our life as Mothers, Wives, Teachers, Creators, Concoctors (is that a word?), and Dwellers in a foreign land.

Fair warning: We aren't normal.

Mem's blog is over at
Mine is here:

Have fun!

><> Shae


  1. Well you are my former Partner in Crazy, Beth .... feel free to joing the club ;)