Saturday, June 18, 2011


I could hardly believe it when I read that my last update was TWO months ago!!
I feel like I have a million things I could be doing every day- and all of them are done outside.... so it is hard for me to make myself sit down- inside- at the computer to update the ol' Blog. Sorry guys :-/
I have had several of you mention that you love reading my updates.... so I suppose I should keep you more "updated" .

Well, since my last post we have had a lot going on. I will try to keep it brief, and get you up to speed.

We took a week-long visit to Oregon {I got to see some of you} on the week of my birthday. I spent my actual birthday in the car for 12 hours :)
But my loving husband made a stop in Medford and took me shopping, and to Olive Garden.... so I was happy.
The day after we got to Roseburg, I showed up to a dinner at my Sister's house to find a huge surprise party for me :-D
A bunch of my friends and family made it and the weather was good and I was so happy. It was the perfect way to get to see several people at once, and the perfect start to our visit.
We had a good time in Roseburg-- always seems like a long visit while we are there, but way too short once we're home.....
When we got home, the garden was growing fast, and the heat was here.
We caravanned back with Mason and Layla and the girls (Ryan's sister and her fam).
They stayed for a week while Mason taught the students on Evangelism and we got to hang out with the girls. It was in the upper 90's most of the week, so we talked the guys into setting up the pool that my parents brought us last fall. The kids are beyond happy!
I can't quite tell you what it means to us when family and friends come to see us here. It is different than us visiting OR. It gives them a better idea of where we are and what we are doing. It is hard to envision us here if you haven't been here. I know I have said it before, but I will reiterate it again-- we want you ALL to come stay with us for a while! Be a part of our life for a week. Meet our friends here. See our home here. Take part in ministry here.
I mean-- come on! I can't be "Hospitable" if there is no one to give Hospitality to .... right? ;-)

Anyhow.... after the Fam left, we were back to everyday life as usual for a bit.
We had a couple of Birthday Bashes {Tres Cruces Style} with lots of food, lots of friends, and loud music. It's all day-to-day around here until Mem turns 31 ;-)
We joke that we use any opportunity to throw a party-- but it really is good for all of us {including our fellow Missionaries in the valley} to get together and fellowship.
Pastor Phil was here from Oregon two weeks ago. He taught on the signs of the times. We always love us some Phil time :) He is a blast. I think he likes the "Grandpa" time with our Littles, and they like to have him here to climb on :)
We had one day between Phil leaving, and a Dental group from Oregon coming. Dr. Brodie and his wife have been friends of Phil and Susie for decades. They come to Mexico every year and set up a free clinic for locals. They were working right here in San Antonio this year. The group included 3 dentists, several Hygienists, and assistants, and two bus drivers. 16 in total. I didn't know what to expect- having never met any of them-- but let me tell you.... they were AWESOME! They were so friendly, and flexible, and even after a long day of hard work- they stayed up and played games and visited with us. They like to move their destination around every year, to get a variety of people the help they need.... but I informed them that they have to come stay HERE every year from now on.
They were only here for 3 days, then we started the planning for Sarah's BIG 21!!
Last Wednesday our one-and-only Sarah Meyer turned the big two-one!! So we did what anyone who turns 21 does.... we had a "Bar Party" :-D
You know: an Ice Cream Sundae Bar, a Build-Your-Own Cheeseburger Bar, complete with home made French fries, goup (the real deal- since Mem used to work at Pete's :), home made Chili, Twice-Baked Potatoes, and pretty much everything you can think of to put on a burger or ice cream :)
Since these kids (I know, they are adults, but still.....) are living out here in half-confinement from the "World", we do Birthdays BIG. I hope you had as much fun as we did Sarah ;-)
Oh boy-- I missed an overlap.... somewhere in between the Dental Group and the Birthday Party, we received new guests! Ron and Ronda Rust are here from Camas Valley, OR to teach on Biblical Counseling. These guys are great! They are so laid-back. They roll with whatever we are doing, and they have been to Mexico a half-a-million times, so they know the ropes. I haven't told them yet, but I am going to force them to adopt us all as family and promise to come back at least once a year.
It amazes me how God always sends us people who we connect to instantly. We have had guests from all over the world.... from 2 years old to 90.... and we love every one of them. No kidding. Every. One. What an Awesome God we serve!

The students have been teaching the MBS curriculum one weekend at a time in San Quintin (about three hours South of here). They started their second Module and will finish up teaching that this coming weekend. And then......

They go home.

For good.

We have lived communally for 9 months with these guys. They are like family.
I can't even write about it anymore. I just have to let it happen, and get through it. It's just like leaving home-- only we are the ones being left. It's like saying your good byes.... after a while, it just hurts too much. So I am ignoring the calendar that keeps telling me that Tuesday is just around the corner.
Sarah- I love you like a sister. Not EVEN "like" a sister. You are my sister. I know your heart will drag you back here from time-to-time :)
Anca- Your tenderness and compassion is inspiring. God gave you the gift of two things that I have never had. You make people feel safe, and you are caring and welcoming. We are going to miss you huge laugh and your perfect smile. My kids are going to miss you somethin' awful, and I know a couple other Littles that will too.
I can't wait to meet your future husband, and your kids, and see you living for God in all the ways you have always wanted to.
David- Your mom called :-) .... she told me to tell you that you are the best babysitter I have ever known. You are seriously the funniest person I've met thus far... and your heart is bigger than anyone could even guess. I'm sorry that I had to beat you at Blokus, and poker, and any other game that you challenge me to ;)
thank you for being the life of the party. Thank you for being a boy with Asa. And thank you for being a friend to Ryan. And thank you for being my little brother. You are only 7 hours away- and I will expect you to make regular visits! {and drag your brother along too}.

I really am excited for the summer. To see what God has in store for us. Who He will send here. And I am excited for the fall. A new group of students, and a new year.

If I can get through Tuesday, I think I'm good for another year ;-)

New photos up on Picassa-
also~ the garden IS GROWING!! Just in time for everyone to leave ;-/ .... so if anyone feels the Lord telling them to come help me with my canning in about 3-6 weeks... I'll have the beds made :-D

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