Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Babies and Blah.

It's a sunny day. Too warm for a sweatshirt, with a breeze just cool enough for jeans.
You still amaze me Mexico. After two and a half years.
Everything on the internet says Christmas, but I can't quite find it.
Maybe if I just bake some cookies or something....

I decided to update this Blog thing {that I am so bad at keeping-up!}
because  for those of you who haven't heard~ we have big news!!!
We will be welcoming baby Steffensen number 3 sometime in June/July.
I have never been sick with either of my previous pregnancies-
so this constant fatigue, nausea, and achiness has taken me by surprise!
I am 11 weeks today, and hoping to start feeling better in the next week-- we shall see :)

I don't have too much to report, mostly because I haven't done
a single productive thing in about 6 weeks!
I have been feeling so lazy and useless. My poor family!

School is going good from what I hear :)
The students are on module two, and busy busy busy!
We have 5 students this term {we had 6, but one went home after module one}.
3 Americans, and 2 Mexicans.
The students are leading two different Bible studies each week,
doing Oral Bible presentations and tutoring with our group of younger kids
from Guadalupe each week, and teaching an Inductive Bible Study course to a group
of locals each Sunday morning.
On top of that, they have classes 5 days per week, and make their own meals, and do chores.
It is always a blessing to see what God does through the students here.
Each class so different, but always SO blessed!

So that is the scoop- I will put up some photos later when I have some bandwidth.
Please keep us in your prayers!

><> Blessings <><

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  1. Congrats Shae that is so awesome!!!
    Sorry I am late in responding :)
    I totally haven't been getting on my blog either so I forget to check in with everyone :D

    Blessings on your family
    and the "new addition"

    Praying that the nausea is going away!