Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Look who stopped by!!

Ok Ok.... so it has been three weeks since they were her, but whatever..... I am a procrastinator with the Ol' Blog....

Doug and Rebecca {http://flowinternational.blogspot.mx/} and their 6 amazing kids stopped by!

The Coults are ministering to the people in Las Glorias, Sinaloa, MX.

They were in the States on their furlough and I heard that they would be in So Cal on their way back to MX.... so I begged Rebecca to come by for a few days.... {OK, so I didn't have to beg.... She was like, "What? 12 acre ranch, food that I don't have to cook, hot showers, and one person per bed???-- sign us up!"} .... or something like that-- right??

They could only stay over one night- but what a joy it was to get to meet them in person!

You see-- Rebecca and I "met" over Facebook after Luis taught the first module of MBS in Las Glorias in January. I instantly felt like we were meant to be family. So I persuaded them to come visit ;) , and now they have been added to our family. I am sort of forceful like that. SO just know that if you come here- I will adopt you. No buts about it.

{Thanks for stopping by Coults! Hope to see you in October!}

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  1. It was a pleasure!!! And, no -- you certainly didn't have to twist my arm or anything!!! I do want you to know, though, that we would have come even if we'd had to rough it. I mean it. ;^)

    Your family is wonderful and we were SOOOO blessed!!!

    Sure hope you can make it down in October. Also hoping that we can make it over in August...we'll see what God has planned!