Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Garden 2012!

{Baby Corn!}

{Black Beans!- all voluntaries!}

{Strawberries- already getting fruit!}


And bringing us almost up-to-date is the first episode of Garden Tres Cruces 2012 :)

Thanks to the hard work of the group that came in February, my amazing husband, and his right-hand man Isaac ;)- we have gotten all of the layout planned, the watering system installed, the mounds made, the seeds planted, and are now seeing the growth.

We have had plenty of sunshine, and we just got two days of rain this past week. Now the sun is out and the heat is on. Everything has doubled in size {at least} since I took these photos- so it wont be long before Episode 2 of Garden Tres Cruces 2012.

Looks like the Lord is going to have a BIG harvest for the Valley this year!

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