Monday, November 15, 2010

Where are the weeks going?

It is a little difficult to explain how strange it feels (as an Oregonian), that THIS is November. It is sunny and warm every day. We haven't had rain in a month. Last week it was in the 90's. This week it has been in the 80's.

Mexico obviously doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, so there is no precursor to Christmas. It took me completely off guard to see Christmas decorations out in the stores.

(Side note: Mexico is in a different world when it comes to Christmas propaganda!! There are hardly any bins of decorations, no one has trees, there are a couple of tree farm lots, but they are $50 or more...and we hardly hear mention of any of it!)

SO! Since the year is moving on around us, and we are here in the quiet seclusion of our own little ranch.... we are crafting and plugging along at school!

I have been crocheting some things for gifts, and will be sewing some others.

Taiah has been pushing through her books.... she would rather get her work done before lunch, so she gets started right after breakfast, instead of our scheduled start time of 10:00am. She has been learning about Uganda, and the animals of the Safari Plains (Summer- I promise she will be typing out her letter to Eryn soon! She has it written already ;)

She has also been working a lot on her spelling. We got a spelling workbook on Amazon- and I hate it. So I have been using some of the suggestions that my friend Esther gave me, and keeping it easy for her. LOTS of repetition!

Asa L-O-V-E-S

We have been fans for a long time, but he is able to navigate the site himself now, and thinks it is great! Check out the letter "Z" ..... it is his fave ;-)

The students are doing great! We have been getting regular updates from them, and we are getting so anxious to see them all!!

Apparently the food in Tabasco is better than the food in Bangladesh ;)

We had a spur of the moment visit from Ryan's Uncle and Cousin from Spring Valley this week! That was awesome!! We LOVE having people here, and it was good to see them and get to visit up at their house for a while before we all came down here. We are going to go back up to their place for Thanksgiving next week too! I only wish I could figure out a way to sneak Luis up there too ;) so he could experience an American Thanksgiving dinner! But he will have to talk his mama into making him dinner instead :)

Tomorrow is the Baja 1000 off-road race. It is pretty much the biggest Off-Road race in this hemisphere. We aren't excited a bit. And we definitely didn't spend ALL day yesterday 4-wheeling through the Mexican desert tracking the race route and finding a good spot to watch it........ that would be silly.......
Photos to come :-D

8 days 'til Thanksgiving!

13 days 'til Oregon!!

Woo Hoo!!!!

><> Shae


  1. We can't wait! The girls love Starfall too ;)

  2. We will send you home with food for Luis so he can experience a re-creation of Thanksgiving! :)

  3. We also figured out a way to get PBS to work here too- so he has been enjoying that!! (the site, not the TV)....
    Sam-- He LOVES leftovers ;), so that will do just fine!!

  4. I will be keeping you accountable :-)

    Whenever you have time.

    Eryn will be excited.

    Our children love often reads aloud the animated books {Greek Myths} to her younger siblings. And Ezekiel navigates all by himself too--he is reading the first four or five books for early readers.

    Blessings from the North,

  5. No trees? Weird. Trees outside Oregon (pretty much anywhere) are easily $40+. Stinky.