Monday, November 1, 2010


The sun is shining, and it is 81 degrees outside. Doesn't feel like any November that I have ever experienced. I am LOVING every minute of it. We have been here for 16 weeks! Can you believe it?!
The semester is winding down, and so is the year! In 5 days, we will have an empty Ranch with the exception of our family. We have had close to 100 different people visit us since July.
I don't think that Google allows enough storage for me to list the ways that the Lord has blessed us since then! This adventure has been over and above anything we could have ever expected- and the year isn't even over yet!
Our Students will be leaving for Villahermosa, Mexico on Saturday. They will be ministering to over 100 Mexican Pastors there. Pray for their safety, health, and obedience. Nate and Chris will leave Thursday for Bangladesh. They will be ministering there for two weeks, and then they go on to Uganda for a visit with the McCourneys for two weeks. They have a LOT of traveling to do this month, and will need your prayers for safety, health, rest, and sensitivity to the Spirit! Also pray for Memorie and the girls, as they are in Oregon, missing Nate, and will no doubt be struggling with worry while he is overseas. Also pray for our Students as they go home. You can't imagine how difficult it will be for them to go back to "normal" life at home.
I am so excited to hear about how these two trips go, and what all happens while they are all gone! But I am overwhelmingly sad that our friends will be leaving here, and some may not return next semester. We don't know who will be staying here in January, but we know that the Lord will send them, and it will be a blessed semester as well!
I am also SO VERY excited to go visit in Oregon at the end of the month!!! We will leave here on November 30th, and be in Oregon for two weeks. The kids are so excited that they could explode. They are going to make a countdown chain today :) They miss their Moog and Gump like no one's business! (they haven't gotten to skype with them at all), and they can't stop talking about all of the people that they are going to stay overnight with ;). I miss RCF like crazy. I underestimated the impact that moving away from my church would have on me. I can't wait to see everyone, to sit in on Phil's teaching (in person- and not just over the net ;), and Dorie better remember to schedule me for the Coffee Shop- cause I am in dire need of some serious Espresso construction AND consumption!
As far as happenings updates:
David shaved Austin's head.

That's right. Bald Austin. Very, ummm, different.

Ryan shaved Asa's head. :-( Boo Hoo..... no more blonde locks. But he loves it- and he is Brothers with Austin ;),

so what else would you expect.
Samson ate his first animal: a Jackrabbit that Nate shot. He loved it. He became carnivorous, and will hopefully start to hunt the rabbits himself (pesky buggers!)

!!!FELIZ CUMPLIANOS!! to our niece Katherine!!! She turned 5 yesterday!! We are sorry we had to miss your Peter Pan Party, Katie- but we will see you in 28 days!!!
Well.... new pics are up, and I am off to read in the sun :-D
Bendiciones! ><> Shae


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! You guys were missed. Katherine told me all my friends are coming except two ;)