Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Uh OH!!! It's TUESDAY!!!
Told you not to hold your breath ;)

The Frosland's got here Saturday afternoon! YAY!!! I have never seen 4 kids so happy to see eachother.ever.they.were.stoked.
Sunday We all went in to church at Horizonte, then went out to La Bufadora. (Nate thought he needed churros;)

Yesterday we tried to help Mem get her livingroom bailed out and the furniture put in a somewhat welcoming formation :-) , then Lance and Maricela (and Gustapo) came over yesterday to welcome Nate and Memorie. We also took the tour of the orchards and checked the compost and the grapes- which- btw, are delicious! (the grapes..... not the compost....)

I guess I totally forgot that it was monday yesterday, because I spent most of the day just visiting with Mem, and letting the kids tear up their rooms.

We have had a heat wave the past two weeks! It had been nice and cool for a month, and then- bam!- it was 103!!! We don't have a pool for the kids... so I drug out the inflatable raft, and filled it with water... VIOLA! A kiddie pool :-D

The most exciting news of the week though.... : Ryan and Nate are in town right now, helping Noe and Blanca move some things into their new house (which they have been waiting for for two years!!).... and they are coming back with....... drum roll please...... A STOVE!!!! YAY!!!
Two of them actually... one for me, and one for Mem :-D
I have been cooking in an electric skillet for 6 weeks! So I am very excited for the luxury of a stove and an oven! (Thank You to a donation made to the church for us to buy the stove!!).

Taiah's birthday is tomorrow. My baby girl is eight years old. I distinctly remember telling her on her first birthday that she was not allowed to grow anymore. She deliberately disobeyed me.

She is completely healthy, and was back to her old self in 10 days! Thank you for the prayers!!!.........
She is beautiful, and loving, and helpful.... she is wise and intelligent beyond her years.... she loves her brother, and all little kids. She loves to craft, and read, and learn. She hates to write, and she hates peas. She loves animals, and thinks that this place should be a farm-- there is way too much property to not have at least one cow, horse, duck, goose, and multiple chickens and pigs.... along with the obvious: a DOG and a cat! She could tell you an hour long story about any event that has ever happened to her. She is our talker. :)
I love you Taiah Shalom, and I hope your day is awesome-- even if your friends are "a million miles away". :-)

We are preparing to receive students in a week and a half or so. It will be so strange to all of the sudden have so many people running around! We had several quiet weeks with just the girls, until Saturday..... now the base is bustling with the yells and laughs of little people. Add to that 5 young adults, and we have ourselves a little community :) ... which-- if you know me-- is right up my alley!!! I have been having social interaction withdrawals!
I got to listen in on the RCF Staff meeting this morning.... well kind of.... there was mostly just static (we'll have to work on the microphone situation), but it felt good to just be there ;) I got to hear Kelly laugh, and Phil joke, and i got to tell everyone a little about what we've been up to.

I will be starting school soon too-- as soon as i make a trip to the States to pick up the mail. My curriculum is partially purchased... we'll work on the rest later :) I have been getting some pressure to send the kids to school here in San Antonio! Yikes! Although I would LOVE for my kids to be fluent in Spanish.... I can't do that. I don't put my kids in school in the States! So pray that I would be able to find a group of homeschooling moms who support my decision to be my children's' teacher. Some of you know how It goes :)

Pray with us for the preparations for starting school. Pray that we would ALL be walking in God's will. Pray next week for Poncho-- who will likely be hanging from a rope down our well!
Pray with us that all of our hearts would be soft and sensitive to each other while we minister together.
(new photos!)



  1. So glad to hear Taiah is fine. Happy birthday to an eight-year-old. (Are you SURE she's 8?)

  2. Glad Taiah is feeling better thanks for the update ;)

  3. I think she is 8..... I lost count, but she says it's 8 :(