Monday, August 16, 2010

First- headline news: Welcome to the world Eli William! Born August 10th, weighing in at just over 6lbs! This tiny little guy makes 5 Nephews for us (plus we have 4 Nieces :) We can't wait to squeeze you little man!
Congratulations to Ryan's sister Shawnee (and Max :).

As promised~ It's Monday, and I'm on the ball ;) (don't get too used to it- it's very unnatural for me).

This past Monday, Taiah came down with something. I assumed it was some sort of virus. She had a very high fever for two days, then, although her fever broke, she continued to be very sleepy monday-thursday. Thursday she began to feel better physically, but was still lethargic, and had an off-and-on mild fever. Sunday she really freaked me out by waking up with a stiff neck. She complained that she couldn't turn her head, and she couldn't touch her chin to her chest. She was, however, not running a fever at this point. I referenced, and cross referenced her symptoms. The only thing that came up was meningitis. The delima was whether it was viral, or bacterial (which can quickly become very dangerous). ~If you ever need to know anything at all about meningitis, I can tell you all you need to know :-) .... I am now aware of everything that is, or has ever been posted on the internet, or in the 2003 edition of the American Medical Journal concerning both viral and bacterial meningitis.
At this point, she is still a little more tired than usual, but her range of motion is improving, and her fever has been absent or very mild (99F). I believe that she did contract a virus that led to meningitis. They will not prescribe any antibiotics for it (since they are ineffective against a virus), so I am just waiting it out. She has been taking an anti-inflammatory for her neck pain, and getting plenty of rest and water. She says she feels fine. :) But is still not her peppy self. Please pray that she would be completely healed- it is simply TOO quiet around here with her ill :)

Thursday we made a trip to the States. We needed to get our post office box and had some mail to pick up in San Diego. After an hour long drive, and a two hour long wait at the border- followed by a 35 minute drive into Chula Vista, we made it to the PA where we got our mail box (45 minutes after we began the application process, i might add :-). Even though it is not very far from the Ranch to the border, it is an ALL DAY EVENT! We got back around 6:00pm.

Other than that- every day has just been filled with chores. Cleaning here, and mopping there. Washing and folding and organizing. Watering and trimming and sweeping and vacuuming. The Cocina is looking great! We moved a couch out of the House of Juan into it, and put up some of the furniture that was donated. The dorms will have one dresser each (although we need two more) and the House of Juan has a dresser and a nightstand with a lamp and a table. I will take some pictures to show you once everything is a little more complete. We still need to get paint to paint several more rooms. We also moved the bunks in the dorms in such a way that we can now sleep 6 people in each room! Comfortably even! :)

God has been showing me how to listen for Him even when everything seems very quiet. Not much has been going on-- just the everyday. But God has met with me each day to show me what He is doing here to prepare for the work. The fellowship with our friends here has been a huge blessing to us. We feel so joyous that the ministries in this valley are becoming unified, and are anxious to see how we will all work together for the furthering of His Word.
Lance and Maricela have been by several times, and Noe and Blanca came by Saturday. We have also had visits from neighbors, and were blessed this morning by a surprise visit from Mark Garrett (from Days Creek).

Now, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival (this Sunday) of our neighbors :)
Nate and Memorie and their girls will be leaving Roseburg this Friday-- that's right--in 4 SHORT days!! And hope to be here on Sunday! YAY! Asa will be so excited to see Elsa!
Pray for their preparations, and their trip. Pray that their initiation will be smooth, and the girls will feel safe and comfortable here. This process is all too fresh in my mind- and I know that for every miraculous thing that God does to prepare the way for us- there is a bump in the road to keep us trusting and relying on Him! James tried to warn us of this ;-)

That's my wrap-up for this week..... talk to you in seven days :-D

"if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Cr. 7:14


  1. We will be praying for Taiah, poor thing ;(

  2. We are praying for Taiah!! Bummed I didn't get to see you when you made the trip up here- we are thinking about heading down there soon! We'll chat with you and let you know the plan!!

  3. Will definitely be praying for Taiah...I'm so glad she's doing better, but look forward to hearing that she's back to her old self.