Monday, February 13, 2012

Right Around The Corner

I got out of bed at 3:00AM and made 8 pots of coffee.
We drove over to the Alvarez' and packed the vans full. {And I mean FULL.}
After almost 5 hours, we arrived in what appeared to be Eastern Oregon.

The highest point in Baja, and we could even see both sides of the peninsula from the Observatory! It was magnificently beautiful.
And cold.
With even the slightest bits of snow.
In Mexico.

I am baffled sometimes by the places God takes us here.
We got to spend the day hanging out with a bunch of amazing brothers and sisters {some of whom had never been in snow before!}.

I'll confess though.
I despise snow.
And cold makes me cranky.
I love my warm, sunny Mexico.
Seems like God likes to show me visuals of where I fail.
I learn like a child.

I am at a place here in our ministry that seems cold and uncomfortable at times.
Desolate and quiet.
Like the desire inside of me to "do" wants to bust out of my chest.

I miss our students.
I am anxiously awaiting our team from Oregon.
I feel like I am always busy but never doing anything.

But God drags me up to the beautiful peaks of the Baja to show me that it isn't about me.
He wants me to find joy in every day.
He shows me His Majesty to remind me that my prize is Him.
He has me stand on jagged cliffs overlooking His beautiful Creation to remind me that there is beauty in everything He has made.
And this is the day that the Lord has made.
There is beauty in it.
Even though I spent all day doing schoolwork with my kids, and staring outside at the half-grey skies of the desert wondering when I will have a day to work in my garden, all the while neglecting the fact that it would be the perfect opportunity to clean my grungy house.

So I wait.
For our team from Oregon.
For my husbands family to visit.
For our Semana Santa Event.
For whatever God sends my way.....

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