Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hogar, dulce hogar

Three weeks since I posted! yikes! I guess we were a little busy :)

I didn't really know what to expect on our first visit back to Oregon. I knew it was going to be strange to be back in our "home", and it not be our home. And it was. We have no house there. Our jobs aren't there. Our belongings aren't there. We have changed our whole lives, while everyone in Oregon is still doing what they do. We felt out of the "loop". I realized that God had done this in our hearts to bless us. He has made me very happy here, in order that I can serve Him here with Joy. I also realized what it must be like to be the one staying..... Our families are there, and we are not, and it is very tough for them to see us for two weeks, then not see us for 6 months.

We did a lot of explaining. We tried to get people excited about MBS, and about Tres Cruces. We really just want everyone back home to get a chance to come here and see first-hand what is going on with us. *hint hint*

I also realized how much I LOVE having the Students here (I got to see the three of them who are from Oregon-- whom I hadn't seen in almost a month!). I can't wait for those kids to get back here!...... and I realized how much I miss Memorie, and how much my kids miss their girls. It is very quiet, and often lonley here with only us. It is much easier to bear day-to-day with friends on the other side of our wall.

We had a lot of meetings, and we had a lot of very good visits with dear friends and family. We tried to stretch ourselves as far as we could.

But I still came home feeling like I missed people. I didn't get enough time with some of you-- which is why you have to come see me. *hint hint*
Overall- we had a very good trip. It was good to see all of you who we got a chance to see! And thank you to the Millers, and Wilsons for planning a wedding during that week, so that we could see a lot of people at once :-D (even though Jem knows that she is one of those people who I didn't get to see enough of).
I also did some shooting while I was there. I had a Senior Shoot with Miki:
I did a Family Shoot with the Ballengers:

And I did a baby shoot with Grace and Hayden, and Hayden's Big Brother Breaden:

We got home on Tuesday the 14th, and were welcomed by Luis, and the dogs (who thought we had left them forever) and the warm Mexico sunshine :)

Now we are preparing for a team. They will be here on Monday, and they will be here through Christmas, and leave on New Years Day. My Mom will be with them-- and my kids are not the least bit excited..... ha! ;-) (Taiah cleaned her room!!! She MUST be excited!).

So I will go now, and put some sheets on some beds, and some towels in the bathrooms.

Here is a little peek at what Oregon had to offer us. (A very beautiful {cold!! but beautiful} place to be...... for a short time :-D)

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