Monday, September 6, 2010

Tomorrow Ryan (and Taiah) will leave for Oregon. They haven't seen family in two months, so they should have a good time :) Ryan will bring home our newly purchased, and newly wrecked ;), car.... so that in December we can all go north for a visit. December seems like a long ways away to me right now-- but I remember how blessed we are to be called to a place so near our home, with the ability to visit home so easily and afford ably. My friend Summer was away from home- on another continent, for 3 years until this month when she was blessed with a trip to Oregon.... and furthermore- she only got to bring 15% of her children with her!
Anyhow, .... this past friday, our students arrived: three from Roseburg, 2 from Phoenix, and 1 from Portland. Plus Matt and Don, who were chauffeuring, and LeAnn, who came to visit with the Froslands. Somehow, they picked up a couple of kids biking from Roseburg to SF, and threw them in the van too. ;-) -- also, Luis, Lance and Maricela's oldest son, is staying to try out classes this week.
So we have a full house, and once again it is strange to have so many people bustling around.... but it also feels more like home when people are here (especially when they are actually from home :)
We have spent the weekend getting everyone oriented, and comfortable. Yesterday we had an American Style BBQ for our friends. Lance and Maricela came over, so did Noe and Estrella, and Alex and Louis (Lance and Maricela's kids) and Alex's girlfriend Laura was down from SD too. Austin befriended up a guy at Zarpasos Tacos after church, and he showed up too... which turned out to be totally awesome! His name is Irvin, and he is a tech geek, and a translator-- very handy! But most of all- an awesome brother- with a giant heart! We all played Vollyball, had chicken and steak and potato salad and Maricela's salsas, and topped it off with Helado de Tuna (cactus icecream) and birthday cake for Austin. It was by far the most amazing fellowship of our time here, and we were all so very blessed! I went to bed feeling like this Ranch had been thoroughly used for the purpose that God has given it to us for-- Koinonia!! compaƱerismo!! Fellowship!!!
The MBS training school started today also. I haven't been updated on how that went yet- but they are breaking into Spiritual Disciplines, so I'm sure everyone is being fed hearty meat today! It is almost surreal that the school has begun already, and we are going to be seeing Gods Reaping very soon. In October, we have a lot planned here, and I can already feel God spiritually preparing this place.
I know this is a little bit of a short update-- but I have to go for my Spanish lesson now :-D

so Hasta Luego!

><> Shae


  1. Yay sounds amazing. :) Will Ryan and Taiah be at RCF one Sunday or anything?

  2. I want to try some of that ice cream sometime...

    So...what exactly is it that you guys do at the ranch? I don't think I quite "get it" yet...

  3. hmmm.... Tiff-- we are "grounds keepers" of sorts. We live here, I cook, and clean, ...Ryan fixes stuff and will be starting on building-type projects.... and we have a lot of landscaping type things to do. We have a couple of dozen fruit trees, and are soon to have a large garden. When missons teams come (youth groups, etc.) we are hospitality. I cook, ryan coordinates outreach, and work projects. Then when they leave, we clean and do up-keep. It is 11 acres, so there is always something to do. I guess you could liken it to the staff at a Christian Camp-- like Bradley or something.... but then from Sept. to Nov, Jan. to March, and April to June- we have a training school going on. So we are housing 7 student here who live here full time.

  4. I think "Where the Wild Things Are" Fits the girls perfectly ;) lol! The kids were so excited to see Taiah! K was a bit bummed that Asa didn't come.